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Cover of Painting Resilience shows Fred Terna in his studio

LIMITED AUTHOR'S EDITION: Painting Resilience: The Life and Art of Fred Terna

Limited Author's Edition available only here, and only for a limited time!



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Painting Resilience is Julia Mayer’s very personal exploration of the role Fred Terna’s art played in surviving four concentration camps; his post-WWII marriage to his emotionally scarred childhood sweetheart — a fellow survivor; their escape to France, Canada, and the United States; their divorce; and his subsequent happy marriage to a daughter of survivors and the family they created.


Julia has known Fred since she was a young girl. During a tour of his studio and art archive in her mid-20s — when Fred was 91 — Fred patiently answered many of Julia’s questions with the familiar stories he had crafted over the course of Q&A sessions following lectures, and in response to journalists.


When Julia pressed Fred on how exactly he moved back to Prague following liberation, “he insisted the story wasn’t interesting and politely declined to answer my questions. It’s in that moment that this book was born,” she writes. Fred himself says that living through it was luck but living with it takes skill. Julia wanted to discover and share what those skills are and how Fred came to acquire them.


Included are more than two dozen reproductions of Fred’s works, along with personal photos captured by Fred’s son, photographer Daniel Terna.


Proceeds from this book will be donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, holder of the largest collection of Fred's work.


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