FINAL COPIES! Eyes in the Mirror (2011)

FINAL COPIES! Eyes in the Mirror (2011)



Julia Mayer's debut young adult novel (2011). VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE.


"Mayer's skillful storytelling . . . makes this fantasy ring with authenticity." - Booklist


"[A] page-turner to get completely lost in - in a good way." - Teen Vogue


Two girls, one reflection, and a startling discovery about what really lies beyond the bathroom mirror...


Dee: I always thought it would be cool to escape into another world. I never believed I'd find one in my reflection. But there I was, falling through the mirror into a parallel life - Samara's life. And she needed me. The cutting, the dead mom, no friends... She was hurting, and I knew it was up to me to fix it. She needed me to fix her.

She'll thank me...

Samara: I never had a friend until I met Dee, at least not a real friend. But then she's my reflection, so maybe I'm just crazy. When she suggested we switch places, it seemed like the perfect answer.

So I let her live in my world, and I lived in hers.

With her mom, her boyfriend, her friends-her perfect life... I don't belong here.

But how can I go back after what she's done?

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